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Timothy T. Williams, Jr.


Timothy T. Williams, Jr. is a leading subject matter expert specializing in police procedure, use of force, and wrongful conviction throughout the United States. He has over 29 years of active law enforcement experience and more than 49 years of experience working in the Criminal Justice System. Mr. Williams proudly served in the Los Angeles Police Department as a police officer, detective, detective supervisor, and ultimately ascending to the rank of Senior Detective Supervisor, retiring from the elite Robbery Homicide Division. 
Mr. Williams is an author, founder, and CEO of T.T. Williams, Jr. Investigations Inc., a company based in Los Angeles County, California, that provides industry-leading expertise in state and federal cases throughout the United States related to police procedure, use of force, and wrongful conviction. Since the launch of his consultancy practice in 2003, he has provided expert testimony in more than 220 cases and analysis of over 1,400 cases. His work includes several landmark cases such as the "Grim Sleeper" death penalty trial in Los Angeles, and wrongful conviction cases such as the "Englewood Four" out of Chicago, Illinois. Most notably, Williams' expert analysis in the wrongful murder conviction of Kash D. Register led to $16.7 million in restitution, the largest reported settlement at that time in an individual civil rights case in the history of Los Angeles. Mr. Williams has been hired by some of the most recognizable names in law including the Los Angeles Cochran Firm, Carl Douglas, Mark Geragos, Thomas Mesereau, John L. Burris, and Loyola Law School’s Project for the Innocent.
Mr. Williams is an Oakland, California, native and completed his required undergraduate Criminal Justice studies at California State University, Los Angeles. He taught at Los Angeles City College in the Administration of Justice Department and is a featured speaker at various legal organizations and companies, including Google. Mr. Williams consistently appears as an expert contributor on various media outlets, including 2020, BBC World News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America, MSNBC, and TMZ. Mr. Williams has numerous accolades and he is an internationally recognized thought leader regarding diversity and inclusion, police procedure, use of force, and wrongful conviction cases, contributing to true crime graphic novels, film and television projects. To purchase Mr. Williams' book or to inquire about speaking opportunities visit
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