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  • Is Timothy Williams, Jr. a Lawyer?
  • What does Timothy Williams, Jr. Do?
    Mr. Williams is the Nation's Leading Police Procedure, Use of Force, and Wrongful Conviction expert who owns a private consulting firm in Los Angeles, California, that works with various law firms throughout the country and he is often court appointed as well. As an expert in the areas of Police Procedure, Use of Force, and Wrongful Convictions, the majority of Mr. Williams practice is on the plaintiff’s side in civil rights cases and the defense side in criminal cases. In wrongful conviction cases, 100% of his practice in that area of expertise is on the side of the plaintiff.
  • How does Mr. Williams work with attorneys?
    When Mr. Williams receives a case, discovery, he analyzes the case from the genesis of the matter. He analyzes the 911 call(s), the station call, citizen contact with patrol officers, patrol officer observations, or any other intervening factors that initiated the sequence of events that caused police involvement. These initial contacts are critical to the case that is being litigated and will have probative value in some instances to the outcome of the case.
  • What an expert is and is not?
    Let us begin this journey with defining what an expert is and is not. An expert is a teacher. A competent expert will level the playing field so the trier of fact, the jury in a jury trial or a judge in a court trial, can make informed decisions. An expert must have the qualifications, experience, and expertise to explain complex issues in both oral and written communication to the court and the jury. An expert opinion and testimony must meet industry standards and be supported by policy and procedure. Further, an expert must stay current in their craft to withstand the questioning of opposing counsel, the scrutiny of the court, and be able to defend their written report(s). An expert is not an advocate, but a neutral in the matter they are retained on. Their written report(s) should be based on industry standards and supported by written policy and procedure and not of written advocacy.
  • What experience is needed to become an expert?
    Use of force cases require a critical eye for tactics, analysis of the concerned agencies policies and procedures, and law enforcement standards as it relates to use of force. Mr. Williams has analyzed use of force cases in different parts of the country, and has discerned that the policies are pretty much the same.
  • What is Timothy Williams' track record?
    Mr. Williams wrote a proposal requesting the creation of a Police Procedure Expert for the Los Angeles County Superior Court Expert Witness List in 2005. His request was approved and he was the only Police Procedure Expert on the Los Angeles County Superior Court Expert Witness List for approximately five years. He is a Police Procedure, Use of Force, and Wrongful Conviction Expert in both State and Federal Court, with active and prior cases in different parts of the United States. Mr. Williams has testified over two hundred times, which includes trial and deposition testimony. Also, he has analyzed over 1,200 cases in his private consulting practice. He is a national leading expert and author with more than 40 years of law enforcement and criminal justice experience. Mr. Williams proudly served in the Los Angeles Police Department as a detective for over 29 years, ultimately ascending to the rank of Senior Detective Supervisor and retiring from the elite Robbery-Homicide Division. Prior to his retirement, he launched his consulting practice, T. T. Williams, Jr., Investigations, Inc., doing civil investigations. Upon his retirement as a Senior Detective Supervisor from the LAPD’s elite Robbery-Homicide Division in October 2003, he included criminal investigations. Early in his consulting practice upon his retirement, his jury trial testimony was focused on Police Procedure issues and nothing else.
  • What is "Discovery" and the process?
    The discovery process is a critical step in both criminal and civil investigations. Discovery is the obtaining of police reports, scientific reports, administrative reports, policy and procedure, or any documents needed for litigation in a civil or criminal case. As an expert, one should assist retaining counsel in requesting the proper discovery that will be needed in putting on an effective case.
  • What topics does Mr. Williams speak to?
    Mr. Williams speaking topics include but are not limited to: ● Drones & The Law: Legal concerns related to increased technology involving drones and usage by law enforcement ● Social Media Pitfalls for Experts ● Attorneys & Experts: How to use expert testimony in cases ● Expert Report Writing ● Various topics related to his forthcoming book Deep Dive: Police Procedures, Use of Force and Wrongful Convictions to be released March 2020
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